Latest Bans
BanID Offender Reason Status
16 Lemon Juice #Trump2016 Ban 1 week: Harassment of players and staff | Please read rules at before returning Expired
15 Doggey75 PET Abuse. Please review the rules at Donation reawrds are a privilege, not a given. Expired
14 AbsurdRacooon Fail Roleplay Expired
13 Supman Fail Roleplay. | Read rules uppon return. Expired
12 John_leroy08 meme somewhere else, pls Expired
11 Calhound no, you fuck off Expired
10 Goose Please review a serious RP guide before making an attempt to return. You may appeal your ban at Expired
9 Calhound Abusing /advert. You have been warned in the past. Feel free to appeal on the forums at Expunged
8 Lizgfynn Fail Roleplay, Minging. Expired
7 Calhound Fail Roleplay, Minging. Expired
6 Dr. Cranberry™ RDM, Harassment | Appeal on the fourms. Expired
5 Calhound Fail Roleplay | Non Compliance with staff | Prior Sentence | Read rules upon return Expired
4 HitMang Mingery | Non-Compliance with staff | Read rules upon return Expired
3 Calhound Mingery | Non-complience with rules | Read rules upon return Expunged
2 Kurnos Fail Roleplay. Appeal on the forums at if you wish to contest the ban Expired
1 Killthestory Chargeback Active